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Petra is an amazing therapist who hears and listens to her patients. She genuinely wants to help people work towards achieving their goals of improving their mental health. She is understanding, caring, compassionate, and has a really good vibe. I never feel uncomfortable discussing my concerns and I definitely never feel judged. I always recommend her to other people when they are looking a therapist! Seriously, give her a chance!

Gary W:

I have seen two or three other therapists over the last 30 years or so, most with satisfaction. So I have some context with which to review Petra Schoning. We have worked together to discuss issues of anxiety, family concerns and related matters. I had done much the same with my prior therapists and didn't leave any of them with anything other than high regard. I just felt like I had worked through what I needed. With Petra it was different from the start and it had been close to 10 years since I had been with a different therapist. She was welcoming from the start, extremely engaged and I immediately felt completely comfortable sharing most anything, and to do so at my own pace. She helps me bring matters to the surface and Also gives wonderful, generally very well researched guidance. In the beginning, a couple of years ago, I was seeing her quite regularly and have since, after good progress, diminished our sessions to a "call me when you need me" basis. Even when it's been a couple of weeks and we reengage there is no down time. I've found a true therapist/coach that works for my needs. She's a lovely person and an extremely capable professional. I could not recommend her more.

Miriam B:

Petra is an awesome, very professional, compassionate and a very talented therapist! She listens, she guides, she understands and encourages. I feel great every time I talk to her. I feel so at ease and I always look forward to our sessions. Thank you so much Petra! Thanks for being so gentle and kind! You give profound peace in my life. What a special gift that is! I highly recommend her to anyone, she is great! I am so full of gratitude ...

Joan M:

During one of the most stressful periods of my life, Petra provided thoughtful, compassionate assistance to me. I recommend her without hesitation.



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 LaRay P.

Dr. Thomas Jackson is THE BEST!! I work with doctors and their staff everyday and I have never in my life met a more loving and caring individual! This man is AMAZING! He is by far, hands down, the best psychiatrist you could ever want to see. He actually cares about his patients. He does not just hand you a pill and say, ‘Ok see you in a month or so'. I love Dr Jackson, if it wasn’t for this kind and gentle spirited man I would have quit my job a loooong time ago! If you are looking for a Dr/psychiatrist that really cares about you as a whole I recommend giving Dr. Jackson a try! He is an amazing, awesome man!!

Edward G. F.

Before seeing Dr. Jackson, I underwent psychiatric hospitalization about three to four times a year for about the prior forty years, because my mental illness was HELL for me. After seeing Dr. Jackson about three years ago, I have not been in a psychiatric hospital once, because his prescribed medications more effectively controlled my symptoms and has made life more stable for me. No other psychiatrist in over forty years of seeing them has been able to do that. If you are suffering from serious mental illness, I highly recommend Dr. Jackson and modern psychiatric medication. He is personable, knowledgeable, and caring. Over-all he is an excellent psychiatrist.

Linda B.

I was going to the same psychiatrist for six years and he moved out of state. He recommended Dr. Jackson and since I respected his opinion, I decided to give him a try. I am so happy to say that I am thrilled with Dr. Jackson! He is kind, caring and very passionate about what he does. He made me feel comfortable from day one. He’s very open minded, listens to what I’m saying and understands me completely. On our first session he gave me some amazing CDs to listen to help me relax as I have insomnia. His voice is in some of the CDs and it’s very soothing. If you’re looking for a phenomenal psychiatrist in the Coachella valley you need to see Dr. Jackson!

Miriam B., RN

Dr. Jackson is a phenomenal physician. Because of the pandemic, I have consultation and follow-up interaction with him for my general anxiety, insomnia and occasional panic attacks. I have been very pleased and extremely happy with him. He listened to me for a whole hour about my health problems. He asked me some questions and we discussed a lot of issues regarding my health history. Dr. Jackson is a very genuine, truly a God send to me. He is very professional, very compassionate, very considerate, very accommodating with great bedside manners. He is one in a million. He helped me a lot, adjusting my medications, making me feel better, less anxious and happier these days. He continues to oversee my mental health. I am so grateful to him. He even gave me 5 CD's and a 3D headphone for my insomnia. I listen to them every night and it relaxes me, drifting off to sleep. Sometimes, I still have my headphone on until I wake up in the morning. Thank you, Dr. J, for being such a great physician and a kind human being. I look forward to our follow-up sessions. Thank you for making me feel better and live a quality life.


I was going to the same psychiatrist for six years and he moved out of state. He recommended Dr. Jackson and since I respected his opinion, I decided to give him a try. I am so happy to say that I am thrilled with Dr. Jackson! He is kind, caring and very passionate about what he does. He made me feel comfortable from day one. He’s very open minded, listens to what I’m saying and understands me completely. On our first session he gave me some amazing CDs to listen to, to help me relax as I have insomnia. His voice is in some of the CDs and it’s very soothing. If you’re looking for a phenomenal psychiatrist in the Coachella Valley you need to see Dr. Jackson.

 James C.

 After years of getting the wrong diagnosis from other psychiatrist, Dr Jackson figured out my problem. Something I had for years. Since being prescribed the right meds, my whole life changed for the better. I can't say enough good things about this man. Forever grateful. Thank you.

Nadia F

 Dr Jackson has been my psychiatrist for over 3 years. He is the epitome of professionalism in helping me cope with all I’ve had to deal with. He has helped me and my family with treatment and definitely someone I trust 100%. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a psychiatrist that will always put your Health and best interest before anything!

 Nacho F

As a numerous times deployed combat veteran, I have never dealt with a Psychiatrist with the passion and comprehension as Dr. J. He makes it so easy to talk to, he listens to listen, and empathizes with your triggers and or issues you are dealing with. He genuinely cares and if I could give higher than a five star rating, I would without hesitation. I highly recommend Dr. Jackson to anybody in need of his services. He truly has been lifesaving for my family. Highly recommended!!!

Ana E

 I started seeking treatment for my anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks over 5 years ago when Dr. Jackson had his office in my hometown. He has always been attentive, kind, and treated me with respect. He has answered all of my questions with patience and has never made me feel like my feelings were being diminished or cast aside. This year, he opened his new practice to be closer to home and I was so very excited for him, although a little apprehensive that I'd have to find a new psychiatrist. I started seeing a new psychiatrist in March 2020 and WOW. I was flabbergasted in the fact that this new "Dr." was so rude to me. His bedside manner was non-existent, and he changed my prescriptions after I was hesitant about it. Finally, after 3 months I was headed for a complete melt down. I called Dr. Jackson's office and he tele talked to me for close to an hour. He adjusted all my medications. I am finally getting some sleep. Thank you, Dr. Jackson.

Bryan M

 I've been seeing Dr Jackson for the past eight years or so, I’ve never met a person so passionate about their work, He is the only person I have ever been able to open up and be completely honest about things in my past that are giving me problems, There is no one that I trust like him. He is never happy with everything just ok, He’s always about finding new solutions and explaining things in a way I can understand and try little by little to move forward in life, He has helped me realize the things i need to do and not do. Without the work he has put into me, I would not be here writing this today, He has really helped/saved me through some very life changing experiences. I have a love for this man that runs very deep. Respectfully, Bryan

Edward M

 Words can't describe the impact that Dr. Jackson has had in my life. After being discharge from the military, I was so mentally unstable that I became a threat to myself. Dr. Jackson was my only outlet for these emotions, and he worked tirelessly to ensure I was taken care of. Even after he began his private practice, I sought him out. Now I am doing better. I am in college, own a business and am functioning on a high level. I accredit this all to Dr. Jackson. Doc Thank you, you literally saved my life! Sgt M

Nicole R

Dr. Jackson is one of those doctors you don’t find very often. When he announced that he was moving locations I was so sad...but since he cares so much about his patients, he made it easy to see his patients through video phone. I am so glad I found Dr. Jackson and I will be forever grateful for his patience and kindness. Thank you!!


 I have been seeing Dr. Jackson for several years. I was seeing him in Apple Valley when he decided to move his practice to Rancho Mirage. I like him so much that I am now seeing him in his new office. He is kind and he listens to any concerns that I have. He monitors my medications and adjusts them when needed. I highly recommend him as a doctor to anyone that needs extra care and kindness from their psychiatrist. I will travel anywhere just to keep him as my doctor. Thank you, Dr. Jackson for everything.

Vicki W 

I have been seeing Dr. Jackson for over 10 years and he has always helped me so much with my issues. He is extremely easy to talk to, he makes you feel comfortable and he is very professional. I would highly recommend him!!

Tom R

Fantastic Dr. Extremely professional and helpful. He has helped me so much. Highly recommend to anyone. AAAAA++++++

Brandon M

I have seen many different doctors over the years and Dr. Jackson by far has been the best doctor I've been treated by. He was able to stabilize the medication when other doctors have failed and has truly been a blessing. He takes his time in appointments and you can tell he truly cares about each and everyone of his patients! I would recommend him 100%!

Darla S

I've been a patient of Dr. Jackson's for at least 20 yrs. I have gone through so much and he has guided me every step of the way. He is so easy to talk to and always takes the time to listen. Through the highs and lows (there have been many) He has always given me the advice I need. I don't know what I would do without him! Also, Dr. J has always taken care of getting my prescriptions filled in a timely manner and has gone above and beyond working with my insurance when needed. Obviously, I highly recommend him!

High Deserts

Dr. Jackson is the Best Dr. i have been to. He never judges you and listens very well but doesn't make you feel uncomfortable talking to him. He will work with you to find the best medications for your medical needs. i also really enjoy the video appointments he offers now. Extremely convenient. Great Dr. Ron M.

Lynda D

I have been a patient of Dr. Jackson for about 6 years. He entered my life at a very critical time and gently started walking me toward better mental and physical health. My first appointment with him was so unique - nothing like I was expecting. He has a gentle way when talking and listening. He turns his chair to face you directly and a conversation began between patient and doctor. It is always a constructive, probing dialogue - not him just talking at me but to me. His tone of voice and mannerisms are certainly two of his many strengths. We both knew I needed to be on some medications - and he took valuable time with me to check my other medications so there would be no problems. A few years down the road he became a true hero doctor to me when I told him I had breast cancer. He gave me important information on how to deal with the cancer and every visit would inquire about my progress. We dealt with that crisis as we continued to work on other issues. When my dog died after all of my treatments for cancer were over - I was heading for major heart ache. He was so kind and understanding about my loss - and he shared with me how important his dog had been to him and we both just choked up and talked about the importance of our dogs. My life is so much better with Dr. Jackson in it - he is sincere - not at just some of the appointments but at all of my appointments!

Frank W

My wife and I have been patients with Dr Jackson for years. He has been the best doctor that we have had. He shows interest and concern about our progress and any problems or changes we may have had since our last appointments and provides advice and counseling appropriate to the situation. He keeps track of how effective our medications have been. He keeps up with latest developments and medications in his field. He has a cheerful, pleasant, courteous, and caring personality. He has a calm reassuring manner. We highly recommend Doctor Jackson.

Monique M

Dr. Jackson is the best psychiatrist! He is attentive, caring, and above all very helpful. Scheduling is easy and virtual appointments are available and easy to manage. Highly recommend!

Amber D

Dr. Jackson has been my doctors for more than 5 years. I feel very comfortable with him and see him as someone I can trust. I know that if I was in need of speaking to him at anytime he would return my call. Thank you Dr. J.

Christopher L

 Easy to talk to.

Kt Bgh

Dr. Jackson is one of the best physicians, of any discipline, I have ever dealt with. I have been seeing him for around 13 years and I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone searching for a psychiatrist. I trust his judgment and wisdom and I feel truly grateful to have discovered him years ago. 

Betsy L

Dr. Jackson has been thorough, kind, and understanding. He is available and easy to talk to. Highly Recommended!!!


I've been seeing Dr. Thomas Jackson close to five years now, And I must say i won't see anyone else. I have always suffered from general anxiety and panic attacks since childhood and as I got older they were more severe. Growing up i would go frequently to Doctors appointments for panic attacks. the nurses started looking at me weird every time I went and was told by the doctor that it was all in my head. So with no diagnosis that made me not want to further look for help. So after having my 4th child 4 years ago. I went into a melt down, my depression was so bad my anxiety and panic attacks made me feel like I was going insane. I was afraid that I was not going to be able to take care of my family especially my new baby or possibly hurt myself. I said enough is enough! and I looked up Dr Thomas Jackson and was I relieved after meeting him and knowing I could live a normal life. He is a wonderful Dr who is caring and listens very well to anything i had/have to say. I was nervous when he prescribed me medication because my body is very sensitive to meds. But he put me on one medication that would help me with all my symptoms. Gradually increasing dosage that I didn't feel any bad side effects, only good ones. Now I feel like a normal person. I'm not depressed, no more unwanted thoughts, thank goodness no more panic attacks ...he really changed my life around. And I will continue seeing him. Thank you, Dr Thomas Jackson, for your time and dedication

Dee Dee H

Dr. Thomas Jackson is absolutely the best. I have been one of the fortunate patients to have been under his care. It's very hard to find a good psychiatrist. He makes you feel comfortable to talk him. He's nonjudgmental and LISTENS to his patients. I've been his patient for a few years and highly recommend Dr. Jackson to anyone who is looking to find a new psychiatrist. YOU ABSOLUTELY WON'T REGRET IT! Dr. Jackson is definitely #1

Monty H

I have been a patient of Dr. Jackson for years. He was the first therapist to ween me off of sleeping pills and provide me with a path of normalcy and quality of life. His vast experience and musical/ talk therapy provided me with both confidence and reinsurance that people who struggle with anxiety and panic disorder can live a fruitful life. I was able to teach applied tech at a JC amongst other great endeavors while under his care. I highly recommend his practice and will always be thankful for his services. Thank you, DR. Jackson! Your one of the good guys!

Tim F

I have been seeing Dr Jackson now for 4 years, it has been and will continue to be a life changing journey with Dr Jackson. I have suffered with Depression and anxiety for most of my adult life, in that time seeing many other Doctors who claimed to have my best interest in mind, I would soon realize it was all about the hour session and no more. When I first met Dr Jackson through my counselor I was seeing, There was no doubt that I had made the right decision to see him. It was the first time that a Doctor actually made eye contact with me and listened intently without the prescription pad in his hand ready to use that avenue of help. Over these four years we have journeyed back and worked together to make my life a good one. So in closing if your looking for a Doctor who will actually help you and give you the rite tools to get your life back then Dr Jackson is just that person.

Annabel F, Ph.D.

As a mental health professional myself, I've faced stigma in the past when trying to get help for my own struggles. Comments like, "You should know better," have been made to me. This is not at all the case with Dr. Jackson. He is caring, compassionate, and wholly non-judgmental. He's been willing to try non-traditional medications that have made a world of difference for me. His support has had, and continues to have, a tremendous impact on my life in many ways. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend that my friends or family seek Dr. Jackson's services if needed.

Jenny L

Dr. Jackson is the best psychiatrist I have ever seen. He is patient, kind, caring, gentle, understanding, intelligent, comforting, a genius, warm, genuine, and wonderful. He has been my doctor for years. Recently, he moved his practice and no longer accepts my insurance but I continue to see him and pay cash because I don't trust anyone else with my mental health. He was there for me after my hospitalization, and always encourages me about school and work topics. God has blessed me with placing Dr Jackson in my life. I would recommend him to anyone. He doesn't push medications on you but works with you to find a treatment plan you are comfortable with. If you want the best psychiatrist, you can't get any better than Dr. Jackson. He has saved my life! Love you Dr Jackson! Never, ever retire!


My name is Dorothy and I have been going to Dr. Jackson for a bit over 10 years. I had seen other psychiatrists before him but he was the only one who actually listened to my concerns and worked to find a medication protocol that worked for me with minimal side effects. Although I live in the High Desert, I followed him to his Rancho Mirage office through telemedicine because I don’t want to lose him as my doctor. If you are looking for a psychiatrist, please consider Dr. Jackson as your first choice. You will not be disappointed.

Joe G

I have dealt with mental illness for almost all my life and I have had several doctors during that time. Finally, about seven years ago I found my doctor. Doctor Jackson properly diagnosed me after years of misdiagnosis from other doctors. He has helped me to live a high functioning life which at times in my life never seemed possible. However, the best quality he has is his kindness. Doctor Jackson cares greatly for his patients and not only as patients. He has the type of care and kindness that is rare today in our hurry up world we live in. I would greatly recommend him as a doctor and one of the most caring human beings I know.

Marty D

Dr. Jackson is the person to see if you need a psychiatrist. He has helped get me through some rough times over the past 5 years. He is always professional and calm. I had tried many weird condescending doctors before meeting him. But I trust Dr. Jackson even more than my family members. Depression and anxiety had previously ruled my life. Now, I rule my life. When occasional situations arise, Dr. Jackson is extraordinarily compassionate. His kind, expertise and knowledge get me through anything that comes up. He is a great listener. Dr. Jackson never patronizes me like other doctors did. His experience and intelligence guide me through those difficult times. Although I don’t see him as often as I used to, I hope he will continue to be there for me. No words can express how it feels to successfully go to work every day and come home with a peaceful feeling. If I happen to need Dr. Jackson, he makes time for my concerns. He keeps up on all the latest medical advances and medications. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Dr. Jackson for any difficulties you might be having

Teri H

Dr. Jackson is a wonderful and caring doctor. He is very intelligent and asked all the right questions for diagnosis. It's such a blessing to have him available via the internet! Appointments are so convenient! Having been his patient for many years, I highly recommend him. I've seen him in person and via the internet. The quality of his care hasn't changed any. He continues to be an outstanding doctor. I recommend him without hesitation!

Sandra D

I am a recent patient of Dr Jackson's and I have experienced his professional demeanor and concerns about me. I recently had to find a new Doctor after visiting a few that I found to be unsuitable Dr Jackson was recommended and I feel very fortunate to call him my Doctor.

Joseph D

Dr Jackson came to my rescue when i needed help - he is a caring, articulate and wise doctor. i recommend him highly 

Alex D

Dr. Jackson has provided me with the best quality of care. He is a genuinely thoughtful, caring doctor who stays on top of current research and works hard to make your life better. I have always received extraordinary care from Dr. Jackson and I would refer anyone who asked me to him. 

Matthew T

I am so glad to have found Dr. Jackson, his enthusiasm, professionalism and genuine care for me as an individual is a relief in itself, considering we are going to him for difficult mental health issues. I have seen several psychiatrist in the past(good and bad) but none have come close to Dr. Jackson. His knowledge and constant study of psychiatry is impressive. I have been with Dr. Jackson for 2 years, and I know I can count on him to see me through these tough times.

TCB 19410601

Dr. Jackson has been working with our family regarding our 12-year-old son for the past five years. We cannot stress how important of a role Dr. Jackson has played in our family’s life. When our son was diagnosed with ADHD, Dr. Jackson was always very open, honest and especially welcoming to our son who was scared about all the new information that was being given to us. Dr. Jackson not only provides a very professional work environment, but a friendly environment for kids as well. As a parent trying to cope and comprehend what was happening with our son, Dr. Jackson was compassionate, listened to our concerns and always reminded us to stay positive. Our family highly recommends Dr. Jackson to anyone seeking his services.

Kimber C

Dr. Jackson has been my doctor for twenty years. I have specifically followed him thru his practice because he’s an amazing psychiatrist that is warm, sincere, and he listens to his patients. You feel supported and educated about your treatment plan, every step of the way. I’ve come a long way in maintaining a more valuable life journey with his guidance and care. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their mental health care and treatment progression

Veronica B

I can't begin to explain how much of a life change I've had since I've been seeing Dr. Jackson. Not only is he very knowledgeable and attentive. Dr. Jackson gives and treats his patients with the upmost respect he listens and most of all makes you feel in such comfort that assures that I'm not alone and it's completely normal. I highly recommend Desert health from the office manager Julie who is extremely sweet. She even took her time to guide on me on the online scheduling system with such diligence. I can't thank Dr. Jackson enough for changing my life.

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